Sunday, December 18, 2011

3D flowers

The muse to post has been on strike, so you'll have to endure some more garden photography.


These pictures are stereograms: squint at them. I have never been able reliably to diverge my eyes from their focus point, but I have been able to converge them. A ruined Sub. B class photo from 1984 attests to my skill at this. Therefore, these stereo images are made for a converging squint. Don't worry if you struggle with the Agapanthus - the view points are too far apart, so I can see only a part of the flower at a time in 3D. The rest of the flower appears like a confusing mess of blue. The Iris OTOH is a beaut!

(If anyone could effect a more specific ID of the species, I would be grateful for a comment or two.)

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