Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who wants a "phased approach"?

MyBroadband reports on feedback to ICASA about local loop unbundling (LLU)

One of the highlights from MyBroadband's submission is (my emphasis):
A phased implementation of the unbundling options listed in the Discussion Paper would be preferred
The passive voice is disliked as it is used here.  The source of opinions is obfuscated, which allows these opinions to be dressed up as inviolate fact.

Who prefers a phased implementation of loop unbundling?  I don't, do you?  In whose interest is it if ICASA were to mandate a phased implementation?  I'll tell you who benefits: Telkom.  The slower the meteor approaches Chicxulub, the easier it is for the dinosaurs to adapt at the slow rate their big bodies prefer, in order to keep those whippersnapper mammals in line.

I wonder if this is part of where Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions' "extracted the most reasonable views" - the views that, obviously, conflate consumers' self-interest with Telkom's.

Framing matters.

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