Thursday, August 4, 2011

Electronic components distributors

They all suck, each in their own little way. In no particular order:

Yebo ElectronicsBrowseable store within walking distanceNo filters. Possibly expensive. Limited range.
RS ComponentsWide range, has parametric filtersSame filters are painful to use. Expensive.
CommunicaUnknownDisorganized search, no filters, never have things I want.
Hi-Q ElectronicsUnknownNo search. No component info.
Mantech ElectronicsDecent pricesNo filters
Electrocomp Expressgood rangePoor search, somewhat expensive
Octopart(Mostly) excellent searching, wide rangeNot a distributor, definitely not in Cape Town

I actively invite these or other Cape Town-based distributors to promote or defend their usefulness. Send me some mail, guys. I'll edit this comparison table as necessary.

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