Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Response to "excessive" spending by rich article

Okay so why does Yahoo! want me to tell them my dick size, bank balance, and bowel movement schedule before they'll let me comment on this story? I thought my Google account would be good enough using OpenID! No matter, I'll reply here, and collect the millicents of ad revenue myself.

McGill University professor warns about spending excesses by rich and famous

This is as much a response to the article as a whole as to all of those retarded quasi-communist comments.

How many times over must the "rich" pay the purported "debt" you think they owe society? Where exactly did they incur this "debt"? They've already paid their income tax, and the tax they pay is more than you'll ever earn in your jealous little lifetime. I used to think the beer story is just one of those stupid right-wing chain emails (and maybe it is), but it seems like people just don't get it (and that's probably why they aren't rich). Just google for beer + "tax cuts for the wealthy" to find other variants. Also, get a fucking [high-paying] job (*).

P.S. If you wait until there is no more hunger anywhere, ever, you'll never see any Ferraris. Why don't you start by selling your TV and donating the proceeds to some starving kids in some despotic hellhole?

(*) I mean it, seriously. If you're so convinced that the rich are getting rewarded unfairly, then do what it takes to become rich yourself, and stop whining. Go to school, send your kids to school, toss out the TV (yes, really) and read books instead, take up a hobby that teaches you something useful. Think like rich people. Act like they do. Talk like they do, and adopt their attitudes. If it's so arbitrary who gets to be rich and who gets to be poor, you should be able to get a loan, whether from a bank or from your friends and family, that would give you the cash you might need to trigger the "rich get richer" phenomenon. You'll be able to convince someone to lend you that money, because, after all, being (and staying) rich is so easy, and so profitable, that you should pay it all back easily!

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