Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tips for saving money

I was born into a stingy family, and am proud to continue its traditions.

  • You waste an awful lot of toothpaste if you throw it away too soon. Rather cut open the tube and scrape out the last bits with a spoon. Use an old pair of scissors so you don't waste money blunting a new one!
  • Take the train for your daily commute, if you can. Third class, even! (I chicken out here and use first class.) Taking my car every day would cost me about R350 each month; instead I pay R128 for a monthly train ticket. No parking woes, and I can go from Retreat to Cape Town as much as I like.


  1. That toothpaste trick's clever! How many brushfuls do you get, typically?

    Also, I used to catch the 3rd class from Crawford to Fish Hoek, back in the day. Not sure I'd do that nowadays, mind. The Southern Suburbs line used to be fine; it was the Crawford line that was always a lot more dodgey.

  2. It depends how hard you squeeze it before you cut, but I think typically 5 brushfuls or so?

  3. I always tend to lose my toothpaste and toothbrushes. Not too sure why that is.

    And is it really worth saving R122 a month if you have to take the train? Those train preachers irritate the hell (was going to say 'shit') out of me...

  4. I'm a stingy bastard, so I'd happily listen to train preachers if I got R122 for it. I didn't actually encounter them all that often so they didn't bother me all that much.

    I found those hymn-singing folk far more annoying. They seemed to visit every coach I was ever in.